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N*ICE POPS. The Incredibly Nice Gourmet Ice Pops.

100% all natural, 100% handmade in small batches, here in Hong Kong, using only fantastic ingredients – most pops are 100% vegan too!

Inspired by Mexican paletas, creative seasonal cocktails, health-conscious juicing, decadent western and traditional Chinese desserts, and amazing foods we love, our pops comes in a seasonal variety of exciting and uniquely nuanced flavours, including our signature boozy pops!



NICE POPS is supporting PINK DESSERTS 2020, and will donate 10% of sales from this “ICE POPS FOR CHARITY” set, to Hong Kong Hereditary Breast Cancer Family Registry. Please help us support this foundation and the charity campaign. You will also be supporting a local small business… AND get to enjoy some handmade, all natural, vegan icy goodness!

N*ICE POPS 為支持香港遺傳性乳癌家族資料庫所舉辦的「粉紅甜品2020」活動特意推出「食雪條 做善事 」雪條禮盒,同時會捐出禮盒營業額的10%作慈善用途。

N*ICE POPS 純素手工雪條由全天然食材製造,可安心食用。在這炎炎夏日食雪條做善事之餘亦能為本地產業發展加一點正能量。

sweet lychee, ripe white peach, rich coconut cream, and organic cane sugar

3 units, 82ml each unit (net 246ml)
souvenir drawstring canvas pouch, reusable insulation bag and ice gel pack included! VEGAN FRIENDLY and GLUTEN FREE!

Available now at participating Yata Supermarkets during their Ice Cream Fair and from our online shop, for a limited time only!

The Mooncake ice pops 手工雪條月餅禮盒

Here it is! The Mooncake Ice Pops box set is back, for! Each box contains 4 ice pops, in 2 delectable, handmade, vegan ice cream recipes with delicious faux yolks.

Yuzu Mango Coconut Ice Cream
柚子芒果夾心 x 純素雪糕
tart and tangy yuzu coconut ice cream with a sweet ripe mango yuzu cream faux yolk

Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Ganache Coconut Ice Cream
榛子朱古力軟心 x 純素雪糕
rich coconut ice cream with hazelnut bits and a decadent 72% dark chocolate hazelnut faux yolk

4 units, 2 flavours, 35ml each unit (net 140ml)
VEGAN FRIENDLY, GLUTEN FREE; box includes ice gel pack!

Only available online and for a limited time only!
惠顧3盒或以上9折! 10% OFF 3 or more boxes!

i love hk… no, I Lick hk!

Introducing “I LICK HK” ice pops! This is our homage to an awesome city we call home! These 4 handmade ice pops is our take on super local HK classics and favourites: PB&J Toast 三點三占醬多, HK Yin Yeung CoffTea 港式茶記鴛鴦, Show Me Your Love 粟米肉粒, Black Sesame Mochi 反轉麻蓉湯圓.

Available online and through our retail partners, and select Yata, Wellcome, Marketplace by Jasons, and 3hreeSixty supermarkets near you!

PB&J Toast 三點三占醬多
homemade peanut butter ice cream, sweet berry jam, oats, organic cane sugar

HK Yin Yeung CoffTea 港式茶記鴛鴦
organic English Breakfast milk tea ice cream with coffee essence, organic cane sugar

Show Me Your Love 粟米肉粒
sweet corn coconut ice cream, organic vegan Bac’uns bits, puffed rice, organic cane sugar

Black Sesame Mochi 反轉麻蓉湯圓
toasted black sesame ice cream, inside out frozen warabi mochi, organic cane sugar

Anti-Valentine’s day offer – Chocolate love box set discount!

A happy ANTI-Valentine’s Day to all who chose to be single! celebrate (or not), and enjoy a box of our Chocolate Love all for yourself… or share with friends and fam! 8 incredibly nice gourmet ice pops inside! 4 NICE POPS chocolate lovers’ recipes. Get it now at our online shop, at your local Yata Supermarket or on Deliveroo.

mandarin orange zest double chocolate fudge

pistachio double chocolate fudge

double chocolate fudge

banana walnut double chocolate fudge

Available now online:  shop.nicepops.hk

The GINGERBREAD MAN ice pops box set — Dress Your Pops series

Celebrate this Holiday Season with our special Holiday Box Set, The Gingerbread Man Ice Pops! This “Dress Your Pops” set contains 6 gingerbread man-shaped ice pops in 3 holiday flavours, a cake decorating pen filled with our double chocolate fudge, and packets of sugar sprinkles!

roasted pumpkin pie with maple pecan crust

cinnamon cranberry jam cheesecake

ginger double fudge with ginger snap crust

Buy 3 or more boxes, and get 20% OFF! Available now online:  shop.nicepops.hk

The Mooncake ice pops box set

Mid-Autumn festival is less than one month away! Celebrate with our awesome Mooncake Ice Pops! The box set comes with 8 ice pops, and in 4 fantastic flavours.

blueberry cheesecake swirl with mango cream yolk
藍莓芝士 x 香芒夾心

coffee milk tea ice cream with vanilla ice cream yolk
茶記鴛鴦 x 雲呢拿夾心

sweet corn cream “soup” with tomato cream yolk
粒粒粟米湯 x 蕃茄湯夾心

purple sticky rice coconut cream with red bean yolk
港式紫米露 x 紅豆夾心

FREE delivery in HK Island and Kowloon. Get 3 or more for discounts and free delivery elsewhere as well. Available now at our online shop shop.nicepops.hk

YATA X HELLO KITTY X NICE POPS… super cute edition!

SUPER CUTE Hello Kitty ice pops are available now at Yata in Sai Wan

Strawberry Cream
Honey Kiwi Apple
Cheesy Cheesecake

Available NOW! Come visit us at Yata Saiwan! Find out what else is going on with Facebook.

icy goodness at taste of hong kong!

Taste of Hong Kong 2017 came and went, and it was fantastic! we had a great time, and it was awesome seeing everyone there. thank you for your support and for devouring all our pops, including our two exlusive-for-Taste ice pops:

Maple Bacon Bourbon Ice Cream 蜜餞煙肉威士忌雪糕
bacon-infused vanilla ice cream with Cyrus Noble Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey, and maple syrup crusted bacon bits

Honey Balsamic Fig Cheesecake 黑醋無花果蜜糖芝士餅
sweet fig jam with leatherwood honey and aged balsamic vinegar, rich cream cheese, freeze dried strawberry, organic cane sugar

our ice pop stand was a complete success! see everyone there again next year 😉


Woohoo! @nicepopshk x @yatahk x @hellokitty Pop-up Supermarket launches tmrw at their new #saiwan shop! Introducing limited edition flavours including:

Strawberry Cream
Honey Kiwi Apple
Cheesy Cheesecake

Available NOW! Come visit us at Yata Saiwan! Find out what else is going on with Facebook.

the incredibly nice gourmet ice pops

100% all natural  100% handmade

Our seasonal menu changes frequently, but classics and favourites are available all year round. Like our Facebook page to see what’s new and currently available… or contact us today for an order!

New Winter Seasonal Flavours

roasted chestnuts mont blanc & raspberries

roasted chestnuts, whipping cream, condensed milk, raspberries, organic cane sugar

purple sticky rice taro coconut cream

thai black glutinous rice, taro, coconut cream, organic cane sugar, dehydrated purple yam

Local Craft Beer Ice Pops

Moozen Dragon King Fujian Radler Grapefruit Ginger

light drinkable pomelo radler, from a favourite local brewery, accented with a grapefruit ginger marmalade

Mak’s Longan Pale Ale Dulce de Leche

flavourful hoppy pale ale mellowed with dulche de leche with a hint of local longan earthy sweetness

Young Master Ales Coffee Stout Fudge Cake

Young Master ‘Add Oil’ Coffee Stout, 72% dark chocolate, raw cacao powder & nibs, coffee grounds



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“Brand X” x NICE POPS  promotional campaigns! Custom, branded ice pops as premiums/GWP (custom 3D shapes too!) served from branded ice pop carts. Learn more!

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